Friday, October 09, 2009


The boys have a new favorite show and I am thanking my lucky stars for the geniuses at The Jim Henson Studio!
The boys have discovered "Dinosaur Train" and I couldn't be happier!
This show is awesome, mostly scientifically accurate with proper terminology and of course there is a train involved.

My explorers are just at the right age to be interested in dinosaurs and I was lamenting the fact that we lived in a part of the world where there were never any dinosaurs and so they are not included in any museum exhibit.
Not a week after this thought passed through my brain the Bishop Museum opened a traveling dinosaurs exhibit. How's that for timing?!?

The first weekend we could we headed to the museum... Jimmy had to do extra chores all week for this big treat!

Here's Joey's favorite, the 'saurus REX!

Jimmy liked the Triceratops.

Holy ghosts in the museum Batman!

Amid the animated dinosaurs there were actual fossils. Jimmy had a bit of trouble grasping the concept that the fossils were actual pieces of dinosaurs (but he is only 4 after all!) and asked Mama about everything "Is it real?"

There was a hands on display where the boys got to brush off a fossil from a sand bed.

Then we took a break for lunch under the tree outside.

One more look at the Triceratops before we head to the discovery center.

The centerpiece of the Children's Discovery center is this 3 story tall volcano to explore.

Complete with lava tube slide.

Every boy took their turn coming down the slide.

And I mean every boy!

There was a button up near the top to make the volcano bubble and "erupt" but the boys passed it by. Mama liked playing Pele, though... must be a girl thing...

There was a dress up area, Jimmy was a wasp and then a snail...

A fun time was had by all, the boys got to see the dinosaurs and everyone had a good nap afterward... A perfect day.

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