Sunday, September 07, 2008

"We're going on a blackberry trip!"

As Jimmy sang over and over!

We had a weekend of discovery.
We discovered how nice it is to have daddy home for the weekend!
Jimmy and Joey both discovered on our hike Saturday that they LOVE blackberries (hence the picking trip on Sunday).
Mama discovered how far into the brambles she will venture in shorts to get the sweetest berries for her purple - stained, smiling boys (much further than was probably prudent!)
Joey discovered that no matter how much it looks like a corn dog, a cattail is not good to eat.
Mama discovered she forgot the camera :(

So Sunday we went on a blackberry trip, Jimmy singing all morning.

*mind the thorns, though!*

Joey needed to try to ride first, his feet don't reach yet, though.

Jimmy watched, ready to go, bucket in hand!

Mama found the first blackberries.

Jimmy's bucket would have been more full, but someone kept eating the berries...

Daddy and Joey picked lots of berries, too!

Jimmy watched from the grass.

We also found a creek and a snake.

Jimmy had a good bucketful!

So many! Definitely enough for a cobbler!

After a sunscreen in the eyes disaster, we had lunch. Jimmy was stoic about the whole thing, when it was over.

Joey enjoyed the whole day!

Uh Oh!

Peek a boo!

I had this! and need to find a good recipe! It's Pollo a crema, I think is what it's called.

And now for something completely different.

I got a catolouge in the mail and this one thing had me laughing for the rest of the day.

Really? What do they do? Do they only come off for Prince Charming?
if they're so wonderful, why are they on sale? Did a wicked witch make a batch that didn't sell?

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