Monday, September 22, 2008

Farewell Summer!

Yesterday was the last day of summer. It was a great one but the last six weeks have just been crazy busy.

We hung in there and I even found inspiration to make the bed everyday!

Having daddy home is a big treat and the boys are enjoying every minute of it!

I'm not sure what the joke was, but I guess it was a good one!

Daddy is now (finally!) officially a Chief!
(*the next few pictures are courtesy of Grandpa Barry * Thanks Barry)

Uncle Brian came for the pinning ceremony, a long and special trip!

Here are Jeff and I along with the Captain and Chiefs' Mess of the boat we are stationed with until we move.

I'm so proud of Jeff!

The boy's didn't come to the pinning. The first thing they wanted to do when we got home was try on Daddy's spiffy new hat!

I had to buy new shoes for the pinning and the ball that followed a few nights later.
I was excited to find a vintage evening bag the matched my shoes pretty well! I have never really concerned about that kind of thing... I felt almost kinda grown up!

I also found this cute satchel.

Yesterday we celebrated family time by taking a trip over to Seattle to go up the space needle.

The boys, as always, enjoyed running around on the ferry!

Does this jacket and place setting look familiar?

It should...
*Jimmy in '06*

Jeff also had fun with Cheetos.

The space needle was fun. I had never been to the top. The boys enjoyed looking through the telescopes. This is the only picture I took while chasing Joey around.

It was cool, and we could hear the roaring of the crowd at the Seahawks game, which caught me by surprise!

It has been a great Summer! Now we are gearing up to enjoy the last fall and winter we will see in a few years...

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Lady M said...

Congratulations to your husband and whole family!

I went over to your crafty site to admire again. Wow, you make art.

I sewed a few "lightsabers" for Q-ster this month and while they're not totally symmetrical, he's pretty happy with them.