Thursday, May 10, 2007

April was good to us!

Hello everyone!
Here is April's month in review!
These are not in order, but that is not all that important for this month's events!

On our last visit to the zoo, we found this PEACOCK!
This guy was apparently feeling his oats and was very busily displaying to a pygmy goat (not pictured) and kept his tail up for a good 20 minutes - and then we saw him again trying to impress some tourists...

Peacocks are impressive from the front, but from the back... not so much!

Here is Jimmy enjoying his lunch on his freshly painted table and chairs! Grandma Sue and I had a great time with this project and it turned out ultra-cute if I do say so myself... and even better, Jimmy has gotten fanatical about using a place mat on his table! Yea! It will stay looking nice at least a little bit longer!

It is getting time to cut his hair again!
Holy bedhead Batman!

Here he is on his birthday (more below about celebrating) This is the only picture I took on the actual day this year- go figure!

The weather has been really nice so we have been spending a lot of time at the park!
Jimmy really likes the tunnels on the play equipment!

Really really likes the tunnels! Oh, and chocolate chip cookies, too!

Hi Mama! Got any more cookies out there?

We had a nice visit with Grandma Sue. There were lots of snuggles to be had!

And a ferry ride!

We came home from Montana with our first ear infection, and were put on our first course of antibiotics...

Turns out Jimmy is allergic to amoxicyllin... He broke out in a highly alarming rash...all over his little body!
The interns at the hospital all came to look at it because apparently it was a great example of a classic amoxicyllin rash.
For any Mommies reading this that haven't seen one, here you go!
From the back...

And the front...

The good news is that it bothers the mom a lot more than the kid...
Jimmy definitely took it in stride!
Strike a pose for mama Jimmy! I'll have him "vougue-ing" in no time!

Like I said, we have been spending a lot of time at the park. The swings are fun, too!



The state of our lawn might also be a reason we started to go to the park so often...

This has been resolved... I found a father/son team that mow every other week for me until Daddy gets home!

We also planted some seeds... the sunflowers and peas are doing well, the cucumbers are a flop...

I'm sure the peas will taste better off the vine...

And my tulips are still blooming! Jimmy now has his own watering can and helps to water the flowers. Along with the rocks, the car, the sidewalk, my feet and the cat when she isn't paying attention!

That is all the pics for now!

We has celebrated Jimmy's big 2 almost everyday this week...
Monday while we were running errands, we stopped at red robin for lunch and I had them sing to him then, which he loved!!!
Tuesday we rode on the ferry to IKEA and picked up his kids club birthday present...
Yesterday, the actual day, we didn't spend much time doing anything, but sang the birthday song a lot...
Today we get to go to the Dr and have some happy birthday to you shots! Yea!
We will also be making a trip to Portland soon, too, and will also be having a party there...
Jimmy didn't even get a cake this year... mostly because Mommy can't eat most baked goods until after Baby Joey is born...

On the roster for the rest of may... a trip to Portland, a visit from Aunt Sarah and the arrival home of the Daddy! Wah hoooooo!
Catch up with you all later!
Happy spring!

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