Friday, April 20, 2007

Finally! Success!

Here we go! Here are the pictures from our trip to Montana!

At Grandma's House there are lots of trains and tracks to play with!

Jimmy also got a box of fun stuff including this fun bulldozer!

Jimmy and Grandpa Jim shared a few desserts.

A bite for Grandpa...

And one for Jimmy!

Whew! Now we need some milk!

"Crazy" Aunt Dodo had a good time with Jimmy in the mall playground... once we figured out which of the five little blond boys in red shirts was ours...

She also made a Diaper Cake for Joey! How cute!

Look Mom, are these for me?

All fancied up for church.

Yea! I've been here before! Let's splash in the fount!

You wanna splash? OK Jimmy!



Just kidding.

Here we all are. Too bad the younger Hubby's weren't able to be here!

Here is the cat guarding some of the eggs for Jimmy's egg hunt.

Another egg in the plant...

Jimmy found all the eggs! He also learned that if you throw them on the floor, they break open and chocolate comes out!

There were eggs everywhere, even on his table...

Chocolate bunnies, too! Yummy!

Grandma's house is a good place to fly a kite... too bad it was so cold and snowy!

Jimmy trekked down to the mailbox with Dodo to get the paper.
It's a long walk in the mud if you have short little legs!

Clean your boots off in the snow before you come inside, but....

Watch out for Dodo!!!

Hey! There's snow on my head!

They had fun anyway...

And then Dodo found the peeps.

This one never stood a chance.

We got home mostly safely and found that the tulips we planted were just starting to bloom!

The quilt squares really rolled in this week, too. I now have in my hot little hands just over half of them!

Sue did this great corner.

The Drum by Dodo

Tippy did this jeep

Jen made the Kite

Sue also did the lion

Jen's Owl

And Tippy did the quilt and the Zebra!

Very cute! I still can't wait to see what the whole thing will look like when it is all put together!

Daddy called a few times this last week, too!
He is on his long way home, but at least he's headed in this direction. He will also be seeing dry land every week and a half or so, so he won't be out of contact for such a long stretch of time!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and our nice weather spreads your way!

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