Saturday, May 19, 2007

Whoooo's had more than one birthday this year?

Jimmy Lou Who! That's who! At this rate he'll be five before Christmas!
Jimmy got these great stripey who-jamas from Grandma Terrie!

And the who-hair from the bed head fairy!

Over Mother's Day weekend, we went down to Portland to visit Grandma and Grandpa Tillson,
We spent most of mother's day at the Grotto and really enjoyed it. Jimmy walked Grampa all around and even sat every once in a while to look at the pond.

He enjoyed this statue with the animals!

Jimmy also made a wish, but he wouldn't say what he wished for...

Maybe for milkshakes...

Or Macaroni cheese!

We enjoyed another Birthday party for Jimmy that evening at a local family restaurant. Grandma ordered this great cake!

And there were presents...

And singing and balloons!

Yea! B'loons! Two B'loons!

Jimmy was very satisfied with the event!

He even liked the cake decoration (more than the cake itself)!

It was a great weekend. When we got home we found a fuzzy reason why we've been going through so much birdseed lately...

Jimmy's seeds have been transplanted to bigger pots and moved outside! They are doing fairly well!

Jimmy takes good care of them!

When Mommy remembers to fill up his watering can...

For now we are just hanging out... no Dr's appts until the end of the week, no visitors until the end of the week and less than two weeks until daddy comes home! So if there's no post for a while, that's why... I'm busy enjoying having my hubby home again!

We also got two more blocks for Joey's quilt... these are both by Ruth...
Only nine left and we can start assembly!

Enjoy your Memorial Day everyone!

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