Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Our weekend in Pictures

On Friday night, we dropped Jimmy off at a friends house and went out for our anniversary (early). At a nice dinner Jeff got me a rose and a gardenia lei. It smelled so good! Just like my wedding bouquet! After dinner, Jeff suprised me with tickets to that night's Micheal Buble concert! I wish I had brought my camera with me into the concert, from our seats in the second row I could have taken some really good shots! It was a really great concert!!

Saturday morning, the pirate woke us up early and we set sail for the North Shore to seek out a bounty of things to eat at the beach!

MMMMMM... Can you smell this Kiawe roasted chicken where you are? Too bad! It is wonderful!

We picked up some Malasadas and Jimmy snatched one right away!

Daddy took Jimmy in to get his first Shave Ice!

Yummy Strawberry Shave Ice!!!

Nothing better that chicken on the beach!
Oh Yeah!!

A perfect day at the beach! We were suprised it was not packed!!!


A small dip in the water (way to cold for Jimmy today, so just a dip)

Get your slippahs, Daddy! It's time to go home!

And Jimmy went ZZZ, ZZZ, ZZZ all the way home!

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camas said...

Cute, what a pretty Jen smile at the dinner table. Sorry I called so early this morning. It has been a shitty couple of days. I try and call later.