Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Lark in the Park

I took this picture a few weeks ago after noting that the cat was staring at apparently nothing for a solid 30 minutes...
I found out not to long after exactly what she was staring at... I moved the toy to vaccuum and a big fat cockraoch was underneath....aaaaack!

Anyway, we had a fun day today!
This is the best way to wear out Jimmy and Mommy!

There are some days that Jimmy needs to run! We picked up a cheap beach ball and headed for the park! It was cloudy and grey, but we didn't think anything of it since here in Hawaii, the majority of the time it rains like the produce misters in the grocery stores and lightening is a fairly rare occurrence, so no need to worry or bring umbrellas.(we should have!)
It was also windy, blowing the beach ball in unexpected directions, much to Jimmy's delight!The stills are not all that great, but I did get some video...Sorry for the Blair Witch-type shaking, but it's hard to keep the camera steady when it's windy and you're running around after a boy and a ball! Just Jimmy's squealing laughter and the fact that the camera we are currently using to take video has no capacity for sound to capture all that glee has convinced me we need a proper video camera...
Until then, enjoy the silent movies and you can do your own sound effects!

Jimmy had fun trying to kick the ball and grab it as it bounced off his belly!

This one reminds me of when they play croquet with flamingos in "Alice in Wonderland".

I also was able to take some pictures of the State Tree of Hawaii, the Rainbow Shower Tree. This tree blooms very very copiously with delicate flowers ranging from dark to light pink, oranges, and yellows to white, all on the same tree. The near constant breeze of the tradewinds gently blows the petals of in a constant "rainbow shower". It is quite beautiful to see or be in if you are under it at the time. Unfortunately, most people don't like to plant these beautiful trees on their own property because they make a huge mess, constantly dropping petals and leaves.

Here is a shot of the flowers of a rainbow shower tree.

And here is blossoms from another of the same type of tree, very unfortunately named the Golden Shower Tree. Don't stand under these, just in case...

Here is a whole tree, you can see how the blossoms hang in cluters cascading out of the tree.

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