Saturday, February 02, 2008

February Challenge

This month's Take it Further challenge is out.
Here is the color scheme we were given to work with.
It instantly screamed BOY to me...

The theme was "What are you old enough to remember?"
The things I first thought of were laying in front of the TV to change the channel with our toes since the TV had knobs, watching Saturday morning cartoons in all their gory, drinking, smoking, gun-toting, un-educational glory, watching the Challenger Disaster in class on TV, watching the fall of the Berlin Wall on TV, you see a theme here?

I was disappointed that it took several minutes of brainstorming to get away from things I watched on TV. And then, as any Mommy would, I thought of my boys. I was hoping that they have things that are not tube related that they would remember first. I decided to take the challenge in that direction and chose to make something for them.

It would be a true challenge for me, since I was delving into a project I had ever tried, but after some research online I was ready to begin.

Here are the fabrics I chose to work with.

I started sketching to figure out what pattern pieces I would have to come up with, beginning my afternoon mantra of "I have no idea what I'm doing!"

Here is the pattern I drew out for the 2 side panels. I have no idea what I'm doing!

To make the little spines I used blanket binding tape. Instead of just folding it over, I stitched it shut so the points would be closed.

Here is a point I first finished. It's way too small, but I have no idea what I'm doing!

I made a bigger one. Here you can see the size difference.

Again, I have no idea what I'm doing!

I traced the pattern and cut out two side panels. I puth the eyes on first for some reason, probably because I have no idea what I'm doing!

I tucked in the points and got this all pinned up and ready to sew.

All sewn up and ready for stuffing. It's almost finished and still I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing!

Stuffed and ready to sew shut.

Done! This is the Pal-o-saurus. Immediately I see what I have to change when I make his brother, Bud-o-suarus. I am going to have to make two, one for each son you see.

I don't know why his head turned out this way, but it's kinda cute! Like a dog when its listening to you.

Why hello there!

I had made Pal for Jimmy, but Joey got up first this morning...

I introduced them.

Why Hello there!

I'd call this a success!

Bud will be a little easier, since now I have an idea what I'm doing!


Sue in western Washington, USA said...

My, but you're quick! Pal-o-saurus is almost as cute as his new owner ;- )

For some reason it never occurred to me to make anything other than a flat piece of fiber art for these challenges. I admire you for thinking outside of the box!

fiona d said...

I love that you used this to create memories for your children. I've been thinking about what I remember today and I was also a bit taken aback by how many of the things that came to mind involved the tv.

red2white said...

What a super funny post, and yes, you call the result with the right name - success!!! Great idea!
(And can you imagine, I grew up without TV, such was a choice of my parents and I like it so much that we as a family continue in this tradition).

Helen Ann said...

Really cute idea and of course the children will remember palosaurus and budosaurus for many years to come.

Here is my two cents worth ......If you are able I strongly advise you to make a spare or at least keep some spare fabric. If they become very beloved toys and get lost its not quite so traumatic if you can replace them fairly exactly of course it is never quite the same...... we have experience with our kids of the loss of special blankets etc,

Doreen G said...

I love what you have made and the Mantra was perfect.

Anonymous said...

I would like to place a order please? I love it, almost as cute as the baby! George would definately aprove.

coral-seas said...

Bravo. I love the way your thought processes went. For someone who didn't know what they are doing you did pretty good.


Lady M said...

Sooooo cute!

deb said...

Very clever, and cute! Your post was so entertaining.

susaneta said...

Great to see Dino got the Babe suck of approval!!(LOL) Babies grow and play time increases so hang in there and well done on this great quickie.