Saturday, February 23, 2008

Curses! Foiled and Foiled again!

Both the boys foiled my attempts to keep them little this week!
Joey figured out how to stand himself up on this box.
See how proud of himself it is?

Jimmy foiled my attempts to take a nap. The wonky doors in this house don't close, so to keep him in his room for nap and bedtime we put a gate up. This worked really well for a long time. Until this week. He figured out to use the stool he has to climb into his big bed to climb over the gate.
Here is the escape route.

Now we just put the gate up higher, but not high enough he can squeeze under.

We got new books today that are great fun to read! I laughed so hard when I saw the expression on the cover of this one...

I also got a new bike this week.
Here is a rare picture of me and the back half of my new bike!
And Joey tucked away into the stroller.

Joey enjoyed the quick test trip we took but Mama needs to get into better shape if I'm going to be pulling a trailer!

Being such an old hand at bike strollers as he is, Jimmy helped us put Joey's together and get the flag just right. He's such an expert.

You'll have to go over to Mama's Getting Crafty to see other developments this week, but none of them involving the boys. Just Mama being crafty.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend and spring weather arrives soon!

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