Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Baby Joey

Hello everybody!
I will post pictures of Jimmy's last few days as an only child in a few days, but I know that you all are just drooling in anticipation to see Joseph!
Here you go!

And yes, I realize there is an inordinate amount of exclamation points in this post!

Our littlest J was born on Thursday and was 6 lbs and 10.8 oz, 19 1/2 inches long!

These pictures are not in any order!

Here he is ready to go home!

Little grins!

Jimmy helps feed his baby!

He also got to hold Joey, and pointed him out to Grandma.

The first introduction went well. Jimmy was much more interested in the art and food in my room!

Proud Daddy!

Whoa! Who turned on the lights!

Our happy little family!

Brand new baby!

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Mom101 said...

Huge congrats on your beautiful, expanding family. Our littlest kiddies are only two months apart!

Hang in there...the end of the fourth trimester is just 11 weeks away. Or in sleepless new mom terms, that's like 184 years.