Saturday, June 30, 2007

A word problem

Everyone have paper and pencils at the ready?
Good. Here is your word problem for the day.

There are two toddlers

Both are male and of approximately equal size and weight.

Both are running at top toddler speed around the central structure of the play area in the mall.

One is running in a clockwise direction, the other in a counter-clockwise direction.

When they collide with enough force to knock both of them back onto their little butts, which one ends up with a black eye?

The answer:
The one that didn't have his head down like a ramming billy goat!

Poor Jimmy! But it was only terrible for a few minutes and then play resumed as normally scheduled! The other kid got off with a small red spot on his forehead that quickly went away as Jimmy's eye puffed up like a purple blowfish. I think it looks worse that it is and it doesn't seem to bother Jimmy because he doesn't have to look at it!

But now you do!

When we got home the swelling had gone down a bit!

It looked even worse this morning! That's what you get for watching where you're going kiddo!

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