Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring cleaning

Jimmy has found a favorite place to hide and sometimes he will sit on the floor and look at one of his books!

In the mornings between breakfast and getting dressed for the day, I have been letting Jimmy have a little nakie time. He enjoys it, until his little cheeks get cold and the he comes and sits on me!

Or he will go put a shirt on... he did this by himself and really surprised me!

But when it comes off he's off to put it in the hamper!

I hired some landscapers to clean up the winter's fallen branches and clean out our flower beds. It all looks really nice, they even put fresh bark over our tulip bed!

The back yard is all cleaned up!

In the process of cleaning, I put the lid back on his toy box. Jimmy thinks this is a great place to crawl up into

And once he gets there...

He can think his thinkin' thoughts or read a book!

There are also cherry trees blooming all over town, like this one in my neighbor's yard. This is a huge tree, even my big willow can't block it out! It is so pretty. The wind was blowing petals past my windows all day today!

It reminds me of my and Dodo's trip to Japan. *longing sigh* The trees are much more celebrated there, but just as pretty here!

The cat has grown impatient with the rainy weather... She begs to go out and then comes in wet and pissy and whines at me like it's my fault. I love my cat! (actually she's gotten quite snuggly in the evenings lately- even kitties need lovin')

The cool rainy weather has allowed me to rediscover something I didn't get much opportunity for in Hawaii- a big steaming cup of tea! Yummy!

Jimmy first tells me that it's coffee, but the he corrects himself and says "No, hot tea!"
He is always very concerned if something is hot!

In other news, there is not much new going on around here. Joey is growing and kicking away, and I have yet to hear from Jeff... I expect something soon though!

Happy spring to all!

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