Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Marvelous Mainland Vacation - Last Day (part 2)

After our train extravaganza we headed just south of Cheyenne to the Terry Bison Ranch. After lunch we meandered our way down to the gift shop / ticket desk to get our tour tickets.

That's the biggest Jackalope I've ever seen!
Of course the tour is done by train.  The boys wanted to know what the cages on the last two cars were for. I told them that is where the bad boys have to ride.  We found out later they are used to move the animals around and the miniature horses just like to ride for fun.

Miniature horses and foals to pet...
Llama llama no pajamas.
Baby alpaca... so cute!
Our train trip took us around the ranch by the different animals and through two states.
Actually there was only about a 100 yard loop of track that dipped below the state line, but it was a fun touch all the same.
Into the bison herd we went, range cake in hand.  Can you spot the beefalo in this picture?

This was the big male of the herd, Harvey.  Harvey liked to rub up on the side of the train.
A lot.

There was also a month old calf in with the herd we were lucky enough to see.

This was their Sunday brunch train.

This was the last stop before heading back to Grandma Sue's house and the airport early in the morning. By this time the next day we were home.  We had a truly fantastic trip to the mainland and made many wonderful memories!

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