Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas has come and gone. So quickly this year!

Let's look back and enjoy the happenings!

It was a great Christmas this year. The boys are just getting old enough to really share in the festive spirit and excitement of the season.

We had an extra good one this year... Daddy was home!

The tree was decorated by all hands.

The cookies were made.

We settled down for a very silent night.

Joey was the first up on Christmas morning.

Presents are always fun, but....

It's hard to compete with the self-powered Thomas Santa set up under the tree!

The dinosaurs were set loose and attacked everyone's toes...

Cabins were built...

and toys tinkered with.

We had a wonderful Christmas, and thank you to all our loved ones who once again showered up in their generosity and good taste! (you know who you are!)

Looking forward to 2010 ->
Jimmy will start Kindergarten!
Jimmy will turn 5, Joey will turn 3!
Joey will finish potty training (he's almost there! Yea!)
Visitors are coming!
Jeff will be gone for the majority of the year.
I will continue working at the Railroad and Curves.
I foresee many trains... and at least one venture off island...

2010 will be 52 weeks of Awesome!

Best wishes to all of you, have a safe and happy new year!


Lady M said...

Happy New Year to you and your boys!

I peeked over at your other site and love all the elephants you made. Do you embroider the eyes? I'm thinking about making a (simple) creature, and haven't figured out how I'm going to do the eyes yet.

Anonymous said...

The Kakuk/Laresen invasion is coming! Whew doggies, can you beleive it...