Saturday, June 13, 2009

My own personal time capsule. Also known as my camera!

I had a major load of pictures backlogged in my camera! Sorry, I will get caught up.

Somebody turned 4!

This year he asked for a chocolate rainbow cake, balloons, party hats and party blowers.

And presents...

Jimmy enjoys the Honey Bee Tree game... it's very noisy!

After dinner as I heard the boys approaching from their after dinner walk, I lit up the candle so we would be ready to sing as soon as Jimmy walked in.

Unfortunately, the cheapo candle only had about 1/2" of quick burning wick in it, so it burnt out before the boys walked in.

Much cursing and a few moments later Jimmy blew out the ever festive tealight. He didn't much care...thank goodness!

Joey kept sneaking tastes...

Chocolate rainbow cake doesn't last long in this house.

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