Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's day weekend

Despite the weatherman's gloomy predictions, our weather has finally been nice the last few days.

I took the boys on an adventure to Vashon Island to deliver the American Hero Quilt I made for their project. We stopped for lunch and ice cream on the way back.

Jimmy likes going for adventures!

We also changed over Joey's clothes to the next size up this weekend. Doesn't he look like a big boy? *sniff* and not like a baby? *sniff*

For Father's day we went out for breakfast.

*How come HE gets a balloon? I'm cuter!*

And then we went for a hike.

Jimmy got ahead of us for a little while

But he came back. He found a cattail.

And discovered cattails turn into lots of fluff when banged on the fence!

He also found a set of binoculars.

He wants to be just like Pokey!

Joey found grass...

and found it's hard to walk with only one shoe on.

Hooray for Daddy!

We had a great time out!

At home I found this little lady on our front hedge.

She caught my eye as a VERY tidy bug (ha ha ha)!

I also did some tidying myself of the front yard.

This is what it looked like when I started.

Pretty dreary, huh! All overgrown with weeds and grass...

A few hours, a bolt and a half of weed wacker string, some herbicide and lots of mulch later it looks like this!

Isn't that better?
I still need to trim out the grass around the rocks closest to the gate, but what an improvement, huh?

And I guess I shouldn't have planted the hen and chicks here, they have been trampled on by little feet many times, now, poor things...

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Anonymous said...

"Hark, a lark, flying through the park" Oh the proud legacy of genetics and biology. Can't wait for this weekend.