Saturday, March 15, 2008

OK... so it's not spring yet...

Confusion is floating around these days...

I realized first that spring doesn't start until next week.
And them no one seems to agree as to what this plant is... I figured some better pictures could help.

Azalea? Camellia? Rhododendron? What is it?

Whatever it is I will have a lot of them! Look at all the buds!

And it is as tall as the house! All those specks are half-dollar sized buds!

Not to be outdone, this tree is blooming in the front yard!

We have Grandma Sue here for the weekend, so there is lots of spoiling and snuggling going on!


Anonymous said...

Most definitely a camellia! It's not a rhododendron or azalea. If you look on google images for camellia japonica you'll see several images. Cheers Mara

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a camellia. Ruth confirmed the name for me. The outfits for the boys looked great. I assume they are for Easter?

Grandpa Bear "Papa"