Saturday, November 17, 2007

Odie lives on

My Odie doll...
He has been loved for a long time. I even gave him up for lent one or two years (the biggest sacrifice I could think of as a little kid).
He had been packed away for more than ten years now...

I was purging my boxes and trunks after watching Oprah's spiel on the lives of hoarders, and Odie saw the light of day.

I held him up trying to figure out if I should keep this treasured object of my childhood or toss him in the goodwill bag.

My mind was made up for me when I heard from behind me in a happy little voice, "A PUPPY! A puppy for Jimmy!"

I told him the puppy's name was Odie and it was quickly snatched up!

Odie lives on!

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RC said...

Too cute! And so glad Odie didn't have to leave the family!