Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dandelion Wishes

Sweater weather has arrived, and I am trying to get Jimmy outside as much as possible before the winter rain starts.

There are lots of fun things to play with in our yard, like this beam to balance on and the calico behind him to chase around. This cat really wants into our house, but Melodie won't let him(?) past the back steps. He is a very nice and large cat, and he nearly knocks Jimmy over when he rubs up on Jimmy's legs!

We also have lots of dandelion wishes to make.
First you have to pick the danelion.

Then you blow the seeds off and make your wishes!

Have a dandelion, Mommy!

The yellow ones don't grant your wishes, unless you are wishing for less dandelions.

The outside cat has some competition for any treats put out for him at night!

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