Thursday, August 30, 2007

End of the month wrap up!

Hello everyone!

Thank you all for checking back with us! It has been a crazy few weeks around here!

We are in the process of moving/painting/who will watch the boys while the other one works?
It has been a long few days and we are almost done! Thank goodness!
Our new house is soooooo cool and I am glad we were given permission to paint it up the way we want!

Joey is growing and plumping up... as you can see, and he still looks quite a bit like his brother!

He does his tummy time better than Jimmy ever did...

I was amazed that he was able to pick his head up so early!

We are getting close to the time that we can start his sleep training in earnest, having his own room will help!

Jimmy still conks out good for his naps, too.

Still looks so little on our bed!

Jimmy was outside tasting mud pies...

Apparently, they look better than they taste.

For our anniversary, we tried going to the Diana Krall concert, but all of the ferries has such long delays, we couldn't get there in time... bummer.
On the actual day of our anniversary, we took a walk as a family! Jimmy had a blast "going FAST" on this long smooth stretch.

And Joey slept.

We had a nice visit from the other Aunt Sarah and Uncle Gak.

I took Jimmy to a mommies group event where he could play all his energy out.
There was a ball pit to play in,

A trampoline to bounce on,

A whole thing to climb around on,

And slides to slide down.

There was so many things for Jimmy to do even I didn't get pictures of then all. We have been here twice now and Jimmy had so much fun.

And Joey slept.

While we are moving there isn't much food in either house yet , so we went out to an Italian restaurant and Jimmy enjoyed fettuccine Alfredo. He enjoyed it all over his face and shirt!

And Joey slept.

Jimmy helped Daddy paint our bedroom this nice milk chocolate color.

And Joey slept.

OK, we really do take him out of the car seat every once in a while, I mean he has to sit in his swing some of the time, too!

That is all the news that's fit to print right now, I will post pictures of our new house when we get everything unpacked!

Love to you all and see you next month probably!

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