Thursday, February 08, 2007

Catching up! -Again!

Sorry for the long delay between posts...
Here are the most recent pics!
First, I've been collecting pics of how you can tell there's a little boy in the house!
Some need a little explanation, other speak for themselves!

If the lighting was just right you would also be able to see all the hand prints on the glass...

This one caught me off guard.

No little girl would disrespect shoes like this, even if the shoe stand made a nice train shed!


Having a boy in the house definitely keeps you on your toes. There are always little things to find in interesting places.

And then I get to buy things like this for my funny, busy little guy!

A few weekends ago Jimmy and I went hiking in the state park that is just up the street from our house!

Let's go Mommy!

Come on! This is fun in the woods!

They even had a place to stop and play!

Jimmy is a happy little boy! He misses his Daddy, but doesn't fuss about it!

Jimmy found a new comfy(?) chair.

We also got a pack of bath crayons!
They are great fun!

That's it for now!
Hope you all are well, Happy "Melon"tine's Day!

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