Thursday, January 18, 2007

Coming out of the fog!

Well, I have passed out of the Morning *my foot- it lasts all day* sickness, and am able to get through most days without a nap! Yea Second Trimester energy! So I can actually put some captions on these pictures!

When I last wrote I was going to be on my way to Montana for Grandma Rose's funeral...
We got to the airport and had some lunch...
watched some planes...

And waited and waited and waited... Our flight was delayed!
Luckily the gate we were at was next to a little play area.

With a slide!

After all the sliding and running up and down the concourse, our flight was still delayed! Jimmy took a nap in the airport.
Eventually the flight was so delayed it was futile to even go, so our bags were pulled and we left the airport 8 hours after we got there.
Luckily we caught the ferry home with just a few minutes to spare! Otherwise we would have had another hour wait!

Since the travel plans were altered we joined Jeff on his planned trip to Oregon to visit Grandparents and his new cousin that was visiting with her parents!

Jimmy has heard a little about the new baby coming, and I noticed he sure kept an eye on this one when she got within close proximity of Daddy!

New Year's eve we went to the zoo! We saw lots of fun things!

Jimmy enjoyed the "elfant"!

This one was more his size!

There is an open aviary where he was able to feed some wild birds.

This was as close to any monkeys as we got this afternoon.

Jimmy likes his showers, but baths are better.

Back at home, we have gotten a birdie breakfast club started.
These guys were brave enough to stick around while I walked around in the kitchen. Normally there are several dozen at a time!

Jimmy's new favorite treat is "emnems"! Especially the blue ones!

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